Old School Longboard Shape Guide

Old School Longboard


The old school board is a classic. The retro style deck features a 16' wheelbase, which is the industry standard for a pool thrasher. With a nose slightly longer than other boards with the same wheelbase, the Old School Cruiser will allow the rider to perform more tricks and the option for different styles of pool shredding. It has old school flavor, with a modern twist. 

The Deets:
  • Deck Size: 33" Long x 10" Wide 
  • Wheel Base: 16"
  • Construction: 7-Ply Maple
  • Concave: Medium
  • Flex: Low
  • Griptape: Black Widow Premium Grade 80A Black Griptape

Oldschool Measurements

Skateboarders of a certain age will instantly recognize the upturned kicktail and (slightly smaller) nose on the old school shape. This design lets you skate switch or fakie, without having to wonder which side is the tail. Carves, grinds, ollies, flip tricks – everything gnarly is possible on a Yocaher old school deck.


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