Skateboard Size Chart

Posted by Yocaher Skateboards on Aug 19th 2022

Skateboard Size Chart

There are lots of variations and reasons why choosing the right skateboard deck in relation to your feet / shoe size will make a difference in your skating experience. Here are some visuals to guide you and hopefully help you choose the right size that works for you.

Let's being with the skateboard deck size in relation to your shoe size. As you can see from the image above, your shoes, ideally, should not go over the board. This indicated that the board is too small for you to be able to have a comfortable and consistent experience. If we look at the middle image, it shows that the shoe is slightly smaller than the board, this indicates that the board is too big or wide. The last image shows that the food is close to or if possible the same width ad the board itself. This will ideally give you better overall control of your board, by having the right amount of feet to deck ratio.

In some cases: 

Depending on your skating style, if you skate mostly vert, parks, pools, or otherwise know as transition skating, you'll want to skate a deck that is slightly wider. This allows a wider leeway for you to navigate the unpredictable terrain, and thus, providing more movement. 

However if you like to do flat ground tricks, drops or also street skateboarding situations, you may want a deck that is more narrower or closer to your shoe size (refer to the top image). This will give you more control of the board when landing various tricks. 

It is very important to figure out what deck size you're able to ride comfortably based on your height and weight.  

To make it straight forward, the smaller your height, the smaller the board. That's an obvious assumption (but we still have to point it out for people that are newer to the skate world). If you're a taller adult, you should be skating what we call a full-size board, which pertains to 8" and above (each skate shop offers a variety of sizes). You'll be surprised between the difference of .25 to .50. It might. not seem much, but it can affect the way you skate. 

Check out the chart above to visualize the difference between heights. This will give you a better understanding of what deck size suites best for you. 

Refer to the chart above. That's basically a simplified example of what we recommend based on your height. Again, we'd like to point out that this is merely an estimate. Some smaller skaters would like to a bigger deck size to fit their own personal style and vise versa with taller skaters. Overall, it's what works for you. This chart is just to give you an idea where to start. 

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