YOCAHER Drop Through Longboard 41" x 9.5" Deck - Earth Series - Ripple

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Drop Through Longboard Deck - Earth Series  - Ripple

A drop-through longboard is a type of skateboard that has a lowered platform that sits between the trucks. This design allows the rider to be closer to the ground, providing more stability and control while riding. The drop-through design also makes it easier to push and brake, as the rider's center of gravity is lower and closer to the ground.

Drop-through longboards typically have a symmetrical shape, which means that both ends of the board are the same size and shape. This allows for greater versatility in riding styles, as the rider can easily switch between riding regular or switch (backwards).

Yocaher offers a variety of drop-through longboards in different shapes and sizes, including pintail, cruiser, and freeride shapes. Pintail shapes are designed for cruising and carving, while cruiser shapes are more compact and maneuverable for urban riding. Freeride shapes are wider and more stable for downhill riding and sliding.

Yocaher drop-through longboards are made with high-quality materials, including 9-ply maple and bamboo, which provide durability and flexibility for a smooth ride. They also come with a range of graphics and designs to suit your personal style.

Overall, a drop-through longboard is a great option for riders looking for a stable, versatile, and smooth ride. Whether you're cruising around town, carving up hills, or sliding down slopes, a Yocaher drop-through longboard is a reliable and stylish choice.


Complete Details:

  • Deck Size: 41" Long x 9.5" Wide 
  • Wheel Base: 31.5" 
  • Grip tape: Black Widow Premium Grade 80A Black Grip tape
  • This item is deck with grip tape only. 
  • Prior to assembly, we kindly request that you inspect the deck's condition. Unfortunately, returns cannot be accommodated after assembly
  • Note: Colors and graphics may be slightly different from the images