Best Selling Skateboards (April 2020)

Posted by Yocaher Skateboards on Apr 20th 2020

Best Selling Skateboards (April 2020)

Our Pika series has always been a prominent skateboard design that stood the test of time. With it's pop culture effect, it's no doubt that this is by far a classic fan fave that is also a great collector's choice. 

Shop for the Pika board right HERE

The Camo board is one of our newest designs that came out late 2019. It has a classic design that truly appeals to everyone, but with a nice "yocaher" text twist to add some identifying quality to the design. 

Shop for the Camo board HERE

The "Fishing" board is part of our Retro series, and is one of our best selling boards due to it's intricate and nostalgic  design. 

Shop for Fishing board HERE

The Wander Golem board is definitely one of the coolest boards we offer. With it's minimalistic style and positive message, this is definitely a must-have board design. 

Shop for the Wander Golem board HERE

The Slim board is such a fun and eye-popping character design! It definitely captures the monster / character driven vibe that most skaters look for. This is par of our Hot Rod series which also includes 2 more monster character designs that'll give you something to talk about. 

Shop for our Slim board HERE

Our PB&C board is totally inspired by some chocolate brand that we all know. But it's nice to pay homage to this American classic with a little Yocaher twist. It's no doubt this board is a fan favorite. 

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